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Two Amazing Formats, 3 Fun Themes

Mostly-standing SOULfusion class (options provided as needed)focused on yoga-inspired flows and balance sequences.


Mindset & Mobility


Weights on Wednesday

Mostly-standing SOULfusion class (options provided as needed) focused on body weight and weighted strength training movements

Grab a cup of coffee & your workout gear and join this mostly standing SOULstrength GRITTY low-to no-impact cardio, weighted movements & core focused class!

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SOULfusion is a creative blend of yoga-inspired flows, short cardio bursts, balance sequences, and body weight and weighted strength training exercises all set to crazy fun music.

SOULstrength Gritty is a creative blend of rhythmic weighted resistance, cardio conditioning, manageable mobility and core strength exercises all set to crazy FUN music. SOULstrength is the total package.

"SOUL" formats improve strength, balance, and flexibility, and can help improve overall fitness levels.

Options are always provided for all abilities.

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Coffee, Cardio & Core

All your soulmate workouts wrapped into one!

Happy Clients

Kate P.

Beth provides the whole package - low-impact workouts that get your heart pumping and muscles moving, recipes and nutrition information for a wide variety of food interests, and a great mental attitude about self-care and overall well-being. This is not a get-skinny-fast plan. It IS, however, an extremely effective way to shift your mindset about how to control your own wellness. After working with Beth for 5 months, I lost 9 pounds and 11 inches and I feel amazing. I highly recommend working with her!

Fulton, NY

If you’re looking for a crash diet and a slam body workout routine, Beth isn’t your girl! BUT, if you’re looking for a complete lifestyle change that will likely stick with you forever, an amazing workout routine that allows you to walk the next day, and a gradual but steady weight loss program, Beth IS your girl. I’ve completed 2 months so far and feel the best I’ve ever felt!

Fulton, NY

Stephanie W.

Wanda L.

Fulton, NY

Thank you, Beth! I've attended other group classes and felt lost so I stopped going after my first class. Your classes are not like any other group class I have ever attended. You make it fun. And you make it "ok" not to be "perfect".

I am able to play with my Grandkids on the floor now and not have to worry about how I was going to get back up.

I am a Women’s Wellness & Cancer Exercise Specialist who loves to talk about fitting wellness into real life. My super power is helping woman focus on WELLNESS instead of illness. As a lover of pizza, cabernet, and dessert, (especially white cake with white frosting~make it almond-flavored and look out--’cause I’m definitely going in! ) who frequently goes off on tangents, ah hem 🙄

I want the world to understand that living a healthy lifestyle and real life really can co-exist!

Rarely do I leave the house without something sparkly, furry or animal print (sometimes all 3) even if it is just a trip to the grocery store or to roadie for my fav drummer (my "husband-like-person", Joseph). I laugh all of the time, sometimes even when it seems inappropriate, most likely because I am trying not to blurt out a questionable joke that popped in my head. I truly believe that everyone should make their mid-years and beyond their BEST years and feel compelled to help those who are often ignored or minimized--especially those who ignore and minimize their own needs.

Beth Ann Dice, CES, PFT, SMC, LWM

Hi! I'm Beth!


215 Cayuga Street

In the Historic Cortini Building

Fulton, NY 13069


Phone No: 315-887-1182

MISSION:midlife Wellness Studio

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